Just Because It’s Complicated Doesn’t Mean It Has To Be Complicated.

At Cannonball, we love solving complex marketing problems with simple, effective solutions. Currently, we’re the agency of record for over 20 of Bayer Environmental Science’s B2B brands, spread across three business units. We provide strategic leadership and consulting for this specialized industry, including digital analytics and insights, email marketing and website development.

Ensuring B2B Partners Felt “Backed By Bayer”

Local pest control companies rely on Bayer products to run their business successfully; Cannonball helped them use the marketing muscle of Bayer to promote their business successfully, too, by developing the My Bayer Advantage Partnership Program.

Making a difference with big brand integration

Each year mosquito-borne diseases are responsible for the deaths of more than a million people worldwide. And for more than 50 years, Bayer has been a public health advocate helping mosquito control professionals in the U.S. and around the globe protect against mosquitoes that carry diseases.