Finding The Right Fit for your Outdoor Space… And COSCO’s Budget

To reach the key Millennial segment, Cannonball worked with COSCO Outdoor Products to re-brand a line of versatile outdoor furniture and develop a hyper-targeted seasonal digital campaign that was just as smart as the product itself.

Finding The Right Fit for your Outdoor Space… And COSCO’s Budget

With the all-important spring selling season approaching, COSCO challenged Cannonball to help them rebrand their line highly innovative folding outdoor furniture and drive incremental online purchase during this critical window.

First, we created the proprietary IntelliFit brand name that would allow this line of smart COSCO outdoor furniture stand out from the competition. Then we developed a comprehensive digital strategy to reach Millennial urban dwellers with paid social media ads, digital display banners and pre-roll video.

The last piece of the puzzle? With a stop motion technique that dramatically demonstrates the versatility of the furniture and a bold color palette that complements the product and reflects seasonal trends, our creative was able to break through in acrowded marketplace.

The Results

In the first week after the new digital campaign launched, YoY sales for this product line increased by over 40%. And in the second week, they jumped by over 100%.