Enterprise Rent-A-Car Advertising Agency

How Can Enterprise Pick You Up Today?

As creative agency-of-record for Enterprise, Cannonball develops effective strategy and advertising for the world’s largest mobility provider. Our work includes broadcast television, digital content and retail point-of-sale.

how can enterprise pick you up today?

Enterprise is more than just car rental, and it was Cannonball’s job to let the world know.

mama wants to drive like a mother

After Joel McHale helped launch Enterprise’s new “Rent, Buy, Share” positioning, it was Kristen Bell’s turn to show all the different ways Enterprise picks her up

for all the places life takes marty

Enter legendary goalie Martin Brodeur, beloved Stanley Cup champion and Olympic Gold Medal winner.

Taking Enterprise’s Content StrategyTo New Lengths

“The Road Through Warroad: Hockeytown USA™” was a first for Cannonball and Enterprise – a 30-minute original documentary film that premiered on NBC Sports, serving as the finale of the network’s Hockey Day in America broadcast.

enterprise: more than meets the eye

When Enterprise partnered with Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight, it was Cannonball’s mission to bring the program’s message to life: “Rent, Buy or Share… Enterprise. More Than Meets The Eye.”

content that picks you up

Going beyond broadcast, Cannonball serves as the lead “showrunner” for Enterprise’s digital video content studio. Each story we tell is driven by the shared brand/customer passion points of sports and music (and specific sponsorships like the NCAA, NHL and LiveNation).